Crayola original broad tip markers - 16 pack

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Designed for colouring large surfaces with ease, the Crayola Washable Markers Collection includes 16 markers with wide conical tips, which create thick, bold lines with ease. The washable ink will come out of clothes and wash off skin with ease, so children can colour without worrying about stains and messes. With big barrels, children can grip these markers with ease. Each pack contains 16 assorted markers including 8 original colours and 8 bold colours, making this pack perfect for classrooms, offices, and home art projects.

  • 16 Conical/Broad Tip Washable Markers
  • 8 Original Colours - Yellow, Brown, Orange, Red, Black, Purple, Blue, Green
  • 8 Bold Colours - Copper, Plum, Azure, Emerald, Primrose, Golden Yellow, Teal, Raspberry
  • Washability you can trust.
  • Ink washes easily from skin and machine washable fabrics.
  • Wide tip for large area colouring.
  • Big barrels for younger children to grasp