About us

Teacher's File Ltd. was started over 17 years ago as a supplier of general teaching materials to the retail educational market. Over the years, our company has transformed into a wholesaler of many products to service schools, grocery chains, printing shops, Colleges, daycares, and many other professional offices. Our base of products and distributed items has increased to such a level that today we have well over 2,000 items available to our customers, in such product categories as Arts, Crafts, Stationery, Janitorial, Electronics, and much more.

At the Teacher's File, our goal is to provide our clients with the products to meet their needs, and to do so with superior customer service. We continually seek to improve our service capabilities to best meet these goals. We are very proud to be British Columbia owned and operated but don't make that the benchmark of our business. Having great prices, a wide selection of school based supplies and always following through with uncompromising customer service is the backbone of our company.